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30 czerwca 2020

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ILEP webinar: ACS patients – the greatest challenge for cardiologists, and still even greater for lipidologists

For more information please go to: https://ilep.eu/webinars-2020/
To register: https://ilep.eu/registration/
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– Whether patients with hypercholesterolemia in primary and 2nd-ary prevention are at the higher risk of severe course of the Covid-19 disease and why, and how to optimally prevent this and reduce the risk of COVID-19 complications,

– How to optimally treat patients with ACS? What we should do in order to achieve the goal of the therapy <70 mg/dL for high risk, <55 form very high risk and <40 for extremely high risk?

– Whether we should start with fixed combination/polypills with statins and ezetimibe and add PCSK9 inhibitors as quickly as possible (during hospitalization)? What might be the role of the well-prepared discharge letter? 

– What about the safety of the lipid-lowering therapy with Covid-19 drugs, including antiviral drugs (remdesivir), antiretroviral drugs (lopinavir/ritonavir), macrolides (mainly azithromycin), anti-malaria (chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine) and anti-rheumatoid (tocilizumab),

– What is the current status of the reimbursement of PCSK9 inhibitors for ACS in different CEE countries? When we might expect we will be able to treat our patients effectively?

2020-06-30 19:00:00