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26 czerwca 2020

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ILEP Webinar: Where are the patients with FH? The best methods for diagnosis & new guidelines of management

Webinar Międzynarodowego Towarzystwa Lipidologicznego

Rejestracja: https://ilep.eu/registration/?fbclid=IwAR1V87P5sRjplWhiHGKEiRf55G7-RuZePq2sZG2H8qUSlGODQYi4umkr_Ng

 What are the best experiences on effective diagnosis of FH patients? Do we really need systemic solutions? 

– How optimally manage with severe hypercholesterolemia patients, including FH patients, in Covid-19 pandemic based on the new ILEP and FH Europe recommendations,

– New data on drugs with the possible applications in FH patients (recent PCSK9 studies, recent data on fixed combination of statins and ezetimibe, bempedoic acid),

– The status of reimbursement of PCSK9 inhibitors in Europe countries and whether pandemic might be used to extend the existing reimbursement programs; 

– FH patients at very high and extremely high risk – how to effectively achieve <55 and <40 mg/dl? 


Prof. Maciej Banach
Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute, Lodz (Poland)
Prof. Michal Vrablik
Charles University of Prague, Prague (Czechia)
Prof. Ivan Pećin
University Hospital Centre Zagreb (Croatia)
Prof. Branislav Vohnout
Slovak Medical University in Bratislava, Bratislava (Slovakia)


2020-06-26 19:00:00