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23 czerwca 2020

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ILEP Webinar: Why we are not effective in diagnosis and therapy of lipid disorders in 2020?

Prof. Maciej Banach
Polish Mother’s Memorial Hospital – Research Institute, Lodz (Poland)
Prof. Željko Reiner
University Hospital Centre Zagreb, Zagreb (Croatia)
Prof. Dan Gaita
Institute of Cardiovascular Medicine, Timisoara (Romania)
Prof. Daniel Pella
Pavol Jozef Safarik University (UPJS), Kosice (Slovakia)

– Actual epidemiological situation on the prevalence and effectiveness of therapy of hypercholesterolemia in CEE based on the most recent data (including NCDRisC and GBD analyses and EuroASPIRE V recent analyses),

– Risk stratification and diagnosis of severe hypercholesterolemia based on new ESC/EAS 2019 guidelines, and how to do it correctly in the time of coronavirus infection, 

– Primary prevention patients at CVD risk – critical, underweight group of patients with dyslipidemias; 

– What is the extremely high CVD risk of patients based on guidelines and the recent PCSK9 inhibitors analyses, as well as based on recent national guidelines, including e.g. PoLA/PSLD guidelines 2020;

– Lack of effectiveness of our therapy (non-adherence, statin intolerance, drug-to-drug interactions, including COVID-19 therapy, physical inertia, anti-statin movements);

– Are there any additional benefits of statins and PCSK9 inhibitors in the fighting against coronavirus infection? PCSK9 inhibitors and their anti-inflammatory role. Statins as the antiviral drugs? 

2020-06-23 19:00:00